About the handbook

The publication explains how languages for specific purposes (LSP) can be tested in the university context using a task-based approach. It shows how such an approach to language testing can be used in various settings and how task-based language tests are devised and administered.

What is its added value?

The publication provides:

  • a comprehensive picture of university-level task-based tests of languages for specific purposes;
  • samples of tests and assists teachers and testers in creating their own task-based tests by including check lists and forms for the development stage and also sample evaluation grids.

Chapters of the handbook

Part A

  1. Guidelines
  2. The GULT context
  3. Target audience
  4. Why task-based LSP testing: the logical next step from task-based LSP teaching
    4.1 Task-based testing in various disciplines
    4.2 Task-based / action-based approach to language testing
    4.3 Task-based testing and the communicative approach 
    4.4 Task-based approaches
  5. Essential features of task-based assessment
    5.1 The construct 
    5.2 Integrating the four skills
    5.3 The structure of a task-based test or exam
  6. The potential benefits and beneficiaries of task-based language assessment
  7. Challenges and limitations
    7.1. Psychometric concerns 
    7.2. Practical concerns 
    7.3. Other concerns 
  8. Evaluating test taker performance 
  9. Potential uses of task-based tests / exams: how to exploit task-based tests 
    9.1. Achievement tests: end-of-course exams 
    9.2. Proficiency and prochievement tests 
  10. How to develop a task-based test 
    10.1. Test design 
    10.2. Next steps in test development: trying out 
  11. Bibliography

Part B - Resource documents

  • Resource document 1: About tests and assessment 
  • Resource document 2: Examples of the implementation of task-based testing in university proficiency testing systems: “Make it real” 
  • Resource document 3: Examples of task-based tests and exams 
  • Resource document 4: Examples of the implementation of task-based assessment in university language teaching 
  • Resource document 5: Assessment grids 
  • Resource document 6: Definition of “task” 
  • Resource document 7: Definition of “authenticity” 
  • Resource document 8: Steps in developing a task-based language test 
  • Resource document 9: Glossary 

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