Project description

Guidelines for university language testing

Medium-term project (2008-2011)

Project working languages: 
English, French

Thematic strand: Evaluation

Expected results and output: ‘How to’ manual

Target audience for the activities planned within the project:  

  • teachers working as multipliers in networks;
  • teacher educators;
  • decision-makers: directors of university language centres.

Target audience for the project results: 

  • The guidelines will be used by language teachers who take language exams at university: these guidelines will help them to prepare their exams following a task-based approach and to evaluate the student work better.
  • The guidelines will be used by teacher educators who will integrate the project outcomes in their teaching and training programmes, i.e. in initial teacher education and in professional development courses.
  • The guidelines will be used by decision makers at university level, i.e. persons who decide on the format and the content of language examinations. These decision makers will take into consideration the results of the GULT project.

Sector of education focussed on:

  • colleges, universities;
  • teacher education.