Anu Virkkunen-Fullenwider

Anu Virkkunen-Fullenwider
Surname                              Virkkunen-Fullenwider

First name                             Anu

Address for correspondence    E-mail

Nationality                             Finnish

Affiliation with educational networks
1) University of Helsinki, Language Centre
chair of the CEF Committee and the organizer and trainer in the CEF training sessions for the 120 language centre teachers in our institute
organizer of and trainer in the national CEF training for the language centre teachers in Finland
3) The Board of the National Language Certificates, appointed by the Finnish Ministry of Education
founding and actual member till 2001, now a deputy member (also appointed by the Min.Ed.)
4) a trainer of university language teachers in testing/assessment and a conference presenter in various countries since 1991, e.g. Singapore (Relc on testing), Lithuania (Vilnius Pedagogical University), Russia (Moscow TOEFL and Moscow State Linguistic University), Udmurtia (State University of Udmurtia, a long course as part of a JEP project), Israel (Haifa University), Germany (AKS Tagung Nürnberg, CercleS Conference Frankfurt-Oder), Slovakia (Bratislava), the USA (CARLA in Minneapolis, ACTFL panelist in Nashville), etc.
5) contacts with the most important testing organizations in the world like EALTA, ILTA etc.
Work information

Occupation or position currently held

senior lecturer

Name of employer

University of Helsinki Language Centre
Country of employment
Education and training
Relevant qualifications or training
Ph.D. in Second Languages and Cultures Education, University of Minnesota, 1991
dissertation on LSP language testing
 M.A, University of Helsinki, 1972 (official teacher training 1972-73)
majors: English and comparative literature; minors: German and education
Languages of communication

Mother tongue

Other languages of communication
English, Swedish,  German
Contribution to the project
Expertise: experienced trainer of university language teachers, teacher of LSP language courses and author of university English teaching and testing materials for the university students of Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Drama, Ecology, Forestry, Mathematics, Nutrition, and Physics since 1978
Responsibility in project: responsible for LSP aspects in testing (Languages for Specific Purposes), participation in development of guidelines