Stefania Dugovičová

Stefania Dugovičová
Surname                                     Dugovičová

First name                                  Stefania

Address for correspondence         E-mail

Nationality                                   Slovak
Affiliation with educational networks
CASAJC ( Czech and Slovak Association of Language Centers) / CERCLES - coordinator for Bratislava
SATE (Slovak Association of Teachers of English - ESP special interest group)
Work information

Occupation or position currently held

Head of Language Department

Name of employer


Comenius University Bratislava, Natural Science Faculty

Country of employment

Education and training
Relevant qualifications or training
Comenius University, Faculty of Arts -1980
British Council Summer School, Plymouth 1994
British Council Management Training Courses, Slovakia 1997
Teacher Training Summer Institute, Slovakia 1998
Languages of communication

Mother tongue


Other languages  of communication

English, Russian, Czech
Contribution to the project
Expertise: practical experience in language testing, involvement in UNIcert examination activities at Comenius University and in Slovakia;
Responsibility in project: participation in development of guidelines